From matcha tea to turmeric lattes, the wellness brigade have been the driving force behind some pretty peculiar food trends — now they have a new toy to play with. CBD oil is a derivative of the marijuana plant and contains less than 0.2% THC, the psychoactive ingredient in cannabis. Since becoming legal in the UK last year, there has been an explosion of foods laced with the ingredient thanks to its rumoured therapeutic qualities. But before you spit out your almond milk in despair at yet another health food, you may want to hear this one out.

“CBD has been used for thousands of years as a natural alternative to pharmaceuticals,” says Josh Adams, co-founder of Almighty Foods, which sells chocolate bars containing 10mg of CBD. “It’s thought to have a whole plethora of health benefits. We can’t speak for everyone, but a significant number of customers say it’s helped relieve joint pain or treat their anxiety.”

Not convinced? There’s more than one reason to try edible CBD, says Jenny Simms from the gourmet confectionery brand the Marshmallowist: “Like a petit fours, customers have said our cannabis and grapefruit marshmallows help them mellow out with a glass of wine at the end of meal.” Serge Davies of Green Monkey, a CBD soft-drink company, agrees. “The most repeated feedback we get is that Green Monkey ‘takes the edge off’ for people, which was the initial idea behind the product.” Why not sip it straight from the bottle? “Raw CBD oil is distinctively bitter. Adding it to products helps mask that.”

Restaurants are also cashing in on the buzz. The Canna Kitchen in Brighton has an entire menu of dishes containing CBD, from salads to “lemon haze drizzle cake”. Wellness cafes such as London’s Kalifornia Kitchen serve CBD-laced brownies and lattes, while Liverpool’s White Wolf Kitchen adds CBD shots to shakes and juices. Who knows, you may swap your avo on toast for something even greener — and getting baked will take on a whole new meaning.

Clockwise from left

High Flyer Session IPA 
greentimesbrewing.com, £4.50

Green Monkey CBD 
greenmonkey.co.uk, £16.99 for 6

Cannabis marshmallows
themarshmallowist.com, £15

Mr Moxey’s CBD mints
mrmoxeys.co.uk, £30

Raw CBD chocolate
almightyfoods.co.uk, from £2.55

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