If you don’t know Birmingham, our home city, then you are missing out. If you don’t know Digbeth in Birmingham, then you are definitely missing out.

Voted as one of the best places to live, work and party in the UK, the colourful streets, the independent shops and bars and the general vibe are all fantastic and at the heart of this is The Mill, a massive rabbit warren of event space, music venue and all-round great place to spend an evening.

It was at The Mill that Green Monkey decided to go big in the on-trade and sponsor a night being hosted by one of our heroes, Huey Morgan from the legendary Fun Lovin’ Criminals. The guest-list was rammed, the atmosphere buzzing and the music pumping.

We supplied the bar with loads of cans and their brilliant team created us a range of cocktails, from Gin and Green to Monkey Mojitos and everything in between. The event started at 3pm and by 6pm we were heading back to the office to pick up more cases, we were selling out and selling out fast.

The reaction was sensational and we can’t thank the team from The Mill enough for their skills, service and hospitality, a great team. It went so well in fact that they will be stocking Green Monkey not just in The Mill but also in their other venues across the country so if you missed out then there will be plenty of chances to get hold of some in a venue near you soon.


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