Development sometimes sounds boring. It sounds tiring, expensive and a bit staid. Green Monkey does things slightly differently though,


You might have seen the pictures on our insta this week of us trialling loads of new flavours, loads of new ingredients and loads of new colours but won’t you will have seen is the amount of work that goes into developing a drink.

We’re just sold our millionth can now (thank you all), and continue to listen to all of the feedback you’ve given us so far. We’ve taken away things you don’t like and tried to better the taste with every batch that we make.


Sometimes however, development can be a lot of fun….

Yesterday, we asked the team at Missguided, the fashion retailer’s head office, lots of clever, trendy and brilliant types for us to get their feedback. And boy they did.

We took up a hell of a lot of cans, some different samples and some new ideas and we think the feedback was ace.


Take a look at the gallery below and see just how much everyone enjoyed the night. There might even be a chance for you to have our development lot round to you work.


Stay tuned….


Special thanks to all at Missguided as well as Glen, David and Tara who were superstars on the day.

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