We love making Green Monkey into cocktails, so much so that we even got one of the World’s Best (official), cocktail makers to make us a list of the perfect serves.

This article in the East Anglia Daily Times shows that one pub has taken the leap and created their own range of Green Monkey infused cocktails.

Have a read below or on the link above:

This Suffolk pub is one of the first in the UK to serve drinks infused with legal cannabis

The Unruly Pig is now selling a carbonated CBD drink Picture: The Unruly Pig

The fizzy beverage is one of many unique soft drinks on offer at the business near Woodbridge.

First came the shrub (a vinegar and fruit-based drink). Next was kombucha (a gently bubbling fermented tea- excellent for digestion). But the latest drink on offer at award-winning pub The Unruly Pig might raise a few eyebrows.

The business, at Bromeswell, is now offering its customers cans of Green Monkey CBD, which is the UK’s first carbonated drink infused with naturally-derived legal cannibis.

Brendan Padfield, owner of The Unruly Pig, said: “It’s a great alternative – customers seem to like that it is healthy without the high. We’re always keen to offer somehting less ordinary here at The Unruly Pig. The Bright and refreshing Green Monkey CBD has been very popular- we may use it in a new Unruly cocktail to add a little fun!”

Made with mixed fruit, the drink contains 10mg of high-quality CBD in every can.

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